Rockcase DJ Trolley for 100 Records RC 27164

Rockcase DJ Trolley for 100 Records RC 27164
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  • Item #: RC 27164
  • Manufacturer: Warwick Rockcase
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Rockcase 2 Turntable, mixer console case, alu.RC 27501 A

The best means against painful arms on not ending ways to the club. The Record Trolley drives on 2 wheels and is pulled behind with its extractable aluminium handle. Thus, 80 or 100 records can be transported as easily as never before. Just DJ’s which can't afford a record carrier, will celebrate the Record Trolley. For the safety of the expensive Vinyl, the insides were lined with soft foam material, which offers the best protection against shocks and inattentions.

Features: - 10 mm / 0.4" strong plywood, covered with black PVC - inside covered with soft foam rubber - additional, 15 mm / 0.6" strong foam padding at bottom, top, front and rear - nickel-plated steel-spring handle with transparent PVC covering - 2 additional, counter-sunk spring handles - 1 retractable trolley handle - removable lid - 1 chrome-plated butterfly-lock - 2 robust hinges - 2 wheels and 2 solid PVC feet - 4 rubber feet - aluminium edges - chrome-plated ball-corners - metal hardware, solidly riveted - chrome-plated DJ RockCase by Warwick logo